Somerset Cider Company

A local company facilities expansion project was started in 2016 and D&I Joinery were chosen to outfit the new office building. A proud moment for the company to not only being involved with a local company, but also a family owned company like ourselves.

The project detail was to deliver a high standard fitting of the interior, including bespoke interior wood cladding, Oak entrance and bathroom doors, bespoke booth seating along with a large Hi-Macs kitchen unit for the staff. We created a great working atmosphere for the staff, bringing the architects vision to reality.

We also created custom designed large sliding Oak doors for the ground floor meeting rooms, setting off the fantastic design.

The visual impact of our work is second to none and we are proud to be pivotal in delivery of this award winning project.  From the oak cladding, custom paint and door furniture to our bespoke Hi-Macs kitchen unit, we have helped create a unique atmosphere for the building.

Staff  were certainly impressed, unique projects such as this are of particular pride for us and the team.